How CBD Helps Depression

Depression is a devastating condition that affects about 7% of the adult population in the United States according to National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). While that may not seem like a lot, it means millions of people suffer from depression. Therapy and medication are the usual ways to combat the condition, but they come with side effects and negative aspects.

There is plenty of research out there that indicates CBD (cannabidiol) oil, a cannabinoid found in marijuana, can help treat symptoms of depression to improve the lives of sufferers. Depression can be biologically predisposed because of a history in your family or it can be brought on by a traumatic event. Here is what you need to know about depression, CBD oil and how it can help with depression.

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Do I Have Depression?

While only a doctor can diagnose you with depression, there are a few warning signs to look out for:

• Loss of interest in activities
• A hopeless, sad feeling that won’t go away
• Eating too much or too little
• Feeling fatigued often
• Unable to concentrate
• Difficulty making decisions
• Feeling worthless
• Thoughts that center around death and suicide

If you or a loved one is suffering from these symptoms or has previously been diagnosed with depression, it is important to speak to your doctor before making any changes. Keep reading to learn more about cannabidiol oil and how it can help improve some of these symptoms in people already diagnosed with depression or those that suspect they may be depressed.

Depression can have a huge impact on success, relationships, and overall mood. Depression can lead to suicide or self-harm, so it is important to treat the condition. CBD oil can help with this task.

What is CBD Oil?

Before you decide whether or not CBD oil is worth a try for treating your depression, it is important to understand what it is, how it works, and how you can use it. CBD oil comes from the cannabis plant. While you may be familiar with hemp oil, cannabidiol oil comes from pressing the flowers of the plant. The oil does not contain THC, which is the active ingredient in marijuana that causes users to get high. Therefore, CBD oil will not give you a feeling of euphoria. It has been known for its therapeutic properties, which can help to improve mood, reduce anxiety, and treat other conditions.

How Does It Work?

Depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. Inside our bodies, we have a system called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). This system is responsible for regulating mood, pain, and anxiety. Those suffering from mood disorders, anxiety, depression and chronic pain tend to have a lowered supply of naturally occurring endocannabinoids. By using CBD oil, the cannabidiol can help to activate these sensors to produce more endocannabinoids, thus regulating the body’s reaction to pain, depression and other inhibiting conditions.
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Why Is It Beneficial for Depression?

Like cannabis, Cannabidiol seems to have a calming effect on its users but is without the effect of a high. Whereas therapy and medication can take days or weeks to kick in, using cannabidiol can give an almost immediate relief of symptoms. By regulating the chemicals inside the brain, it can regulate mood and soften the symptoms of depression. Anyone with depression can benefit from using CBD oil, but remember if you are pregnant, nursing, or currently taking medications for depression, it is important to discuss any changes with your doctor.

Why CBD Oil is Better Than Medication

Many people who suffer from depression and anxiety choose to take certain medications. While there is nothing wrong with this, using CBD oil can have a better effect than taking medication. Depending on the type of anti-depressants your doctor might prescribe, there can be some pretty intense side effects. They can cause nausea, weight changes, decreased libido, blurred vision, and many other uncomfortable conditions. They are even known to cause suicidal thoughts and depression. It is hard to believe that a drug made to decrease symptoms of depression can heighten symptoms. Cannabidiol oil does not cause too many side effects and the ones it does create are nothing compared to those of anti-depressants. A few of the reported side effects are dry mouth, lowered blood pressure, and fatigue.

How Do I Use It?

CBD oil comes in many different forms. It can come as an oil, tincture, capsule or spray. You can take it as a supplement or add it to your food or drink. Another option is to use it in a vaporizer. It is said that the quickest and most effective way to use CBD oil is either in tincture or vape form. It is important to start out with a small amount and increase the dosage as needed. As with any new supplement, you might want to start off slow to see how your body will react to it, whether it will work, and how much you will need.

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Where Can I Find It?

Many forms of CBD oil can be found online on popular sites like Amazon. It can also be found in most health food stores where natural supplements are sold. Since CBD oil does not contain any psychoactive compounds, a prescription is not needed for it. In other words, using CBD oil is completely legal and can be bought in all states. If you choose to get an oil that does have THC compounds in it, a prescription will be needed to purchase. While some find that using a combination of the two, THC is not necessary to feel the effects and improve symptoms of depression.

Using cannabidiol oil can be beneficial to those suffering from depression. It is more effective than traditional treatments of depression and has almost no side effects. It is a naturally occurring compound that can help patients suffering from depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and other ailments that affect their daily lives. CBD oil can help to increase mental health and livelihood.